BEPI Park – Baylor, Enfield, Parkway Intersection

The purpose of BEPI Park is to host fun local events in Central Austin, and help beautify the downtown area. Bepi Park is a traffic island at the Baylor, Enfield, Parkway intersection, and has been officially dubbed Austin’s Smallest Park!

This “tiniest organized park” in the City of Austin – will be maintained in the spirit of urban green space, as an entrance way to Pease Park and Castle Hill, and as an ongoing effort to keep Austin weird.

Support Austin’s Favorite Tiny Park

Want to help support BEPI Park? We’re currently accepting donations to help maintain the park. All donations are greatly appreciated and help keep Austin beautiful!


Learn the origin of Austin’s favorite tiny park. From a slab of concrete, to a beautiful park, BEPI has seen some amazing transformations.


BEPI Park has hosted many events since its grand opening. Check out the highlights on our online photo gallery.


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